Creating Inclusive Digital Experiences that Go Beyond Compliance

Joyful accessibility goes beyond compliance to create inclusive, user-centered experiences, that bring a sense of delight to consumers with disabilities, who engage with digital content. 

Our approach involves designing digital experiences focused on including the specific needs of users with disabilities and incorporates best practices to create enjoyable experiences for all—regardless of age or ability. 

gotomedia utilizes real people to identify and break down barriers, eliminate frustration, and create truly inclusive and equitable digital experiences.

  • Human + automated testing for mobile apps, websites & applications and physical products

  • Live 1:1 expert reviews & auditing

  • Clear, actionable reporting with prioritized recommendations

  • Implementation support through wireframes & UX design

our process

accessible user experience (aux) testing

gotomedia's AUX assessments provide comprehensive accessibility testing by using manual and automated testing methods to evaluate compliance with WCAG 2.1 standards and guidelines to improve the user experience for people with disabilities. The manual tests provide feedback and insight from users with disabilities to identify key usability issues, while automated tests identify technical issues. Together, these two methods give a complete evaluation with data, research, and insight.

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experience and expert review

We record our manual AUX tests so stakeholders may observe firsthand what blind, low vision, and other consumers with disabilities using assistive technology and screen readers experience. This is an effective way to communicate key issues and can result in actionable items to address.

manual testing and reporting

succinct and actionable scorecard for stakeholders

gotomedia's manual AUX test is a task-based evaluation that uses assistive technology tools to assess a website's accessibility and usability. The tasks focus on common user experiences and specific tasks that are relevant to the product and domain being evaluated. 

The test is compliant with WCAG 2.1 standards—the gold standard for accessibility—and also ensures the overall experience works for users in varying situations. Test results provide clear information on both severity and usability. Findings are provided as a scorecard with prioritized actions and recommendations for improvement.

Top half of accessibility scorecard from VMware review. It is not interactive.

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