Reimagining the Customer Journey for Optimized Product Engagement

gotomedia partnered with a voice-over IP provider to conduct UX Research to better understand their customer segments and provide insights to reimagine their website and digital workflow. The resulting interactive customer journey maps and behavioral personas helped the client understand their core segments’ decision-making processes, motivations and triggers for buying or switching communication solution providers.

  • Developed consensus with key stakeholders across the enterprise on core customer issues

  • Uncovered key insights into customer behaviors and product perception

  • Discovered new ways of segmenting customers to more effectively address product discovery

  • Identified gaps in product supporting content

  • Clearly visualized customer insights via interactive journeys & personas

  • Increased customer engagement & organic SEO through corrected product positioning

project approach

deeper insights through UXR

The multi-prong research approach helped to identify underlying customer and prospect attitudes, beliefs, day-to-day context, and gaps in information that informed improved customer engagement and ROI for digital properties. gotomedia sought to understand the thought processes and assumptions that customers bring to the product evaluation and adoption processes in order to better meet their needs.

A row of six circles, each with a project phase and associated statistic. 15 stakeholder interviews (blue circle); 34 customer interviews (blue/green circle); 17 behavioral personas (green circle); 17 interactive journey maps (light green circle); 4 content gap analysis diagrams (yellow/green circle); 2 stakeholder training sessions (yellow circle).

personas & segmentation

before the mapping, the customer

Persona segmentation considers parameters for grouping users types (for example Company Size or Project Type) in order to gain a more granular understanding of specific customer needs and the ability to accurately service them. The final segmentation serves as the foundation for key customer journeys to map. In this case, research identified 4 unique customer segment—each with a varying number of roles within the collaborative evaluation team.

Segmentation plot diagrams for customer segments A-D. Each of the four diagrams plot the related segment within four quadrants to illustrate if they are more business focused or tech focused and if they provide expertise or drive process.

mapping the experience

personas in motion & through time

Summary preliminary journeys provided on overview and high level comparison of personas, phases and key touch points. 

Customer journey summary chart for seven personas. The chart illustrates which phase is most important for each persona and includes high level touchpoints within each phase.

interactive journey maps

Journey maps illustrate key tasks and touchpoints for each persona. The interactive format allows viewers to click on any touchpoint for more detail about the task, including key supporting content. The interactive format provides an easy-to-reference overview of the key points of activity throughout the customer lifecycle and creates quick access back to the persona and the persona’s role within the larger customer team.

linear journeys & non-linear paths
Even in a linear journey, users may move back and forth across platforms and phases. Progress may stall and restart at any point.

Chart illustrating how prospects may move non-linearly through offsite, onsite and offline channels through the intiatate, purchase and renew phases of the sales cycle.

content gap analysis
The content gap analysis illustrated the spread of content and highlighted areas that could be improved.

List of existing and missing content plotted in a chart with four content area quadrants. The content areas are High Level vs. Detailed and Technically Focused vs. Business Focused. Most of the existing content is plotted in the High Level/Business focused quadrant.

account maturation timeline
An understanding of combined activities and content needs of all personas provides an opportunity to model insights into where the company is within the process.

Line-chart illustrating the ebb and flow of activities for each customer segment throughout the sales journey. An additional overlay demonstrates that some points in the chart are interactive and display additional information about activity levels.

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